Trail Tale


Town: Bewdley

County: Worcestershire


Beautiful is the word to describe the town of Bewdley, as it was called Beaulieu in medieval times. I enjoyed seeing how the merchant history of this town shapes the buildings and structures that you can see, and gives Bewdley a uniqueness that is worth visiting.


As I had a walk around the town, I would like to mention the timber framed houses along High Street. Strolling down the narrow road, the Bailiffs House is one to look out for. On Load Street, the Bewdley Institute, the Old Post Office and St Anne’s Church are all stunning structures to look at.


Walking along the riverside the stunning Georgian houses are mesmerising, and they show the prosperity of the town during the 1700s. Some of these houses used to be pubs, where merchants would do business over a drink. As I sat and had a pint, I enjoyed the riverside view, and saw the Telford Bridge, which I found to be an impressive Georgian structure.


What I loved about Bewdley is some of the quirky street names that I spotted such as ‘No Road,’ ‘Dog Lane,’ and ‘Load Lane’. If you visit Bewdley have a walk around and see how many you can spot. Along the way you may discover some beautiful period houses.