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South of Wales gains two new exciting trails

The South of Wales has many beautiful and interesting places to visit. TrailTale now features the amazing Caldey Island, a religious sanctuary since the 12th century that still serves as one today. The second route is of the village of Skenfrith on the border with England. Both boating the places’ natural beauty and wealth of historic stories.

Come and follow our new trail in Whitechapel

Step into Whitechapel, a wonderfully diverse district nestled in the heart of London. This area evolved into a melting pot, welcoming waves of immigrants from across the globe. Check out a university, a hospital with a human story, crime and punishment and a missing mount.

Chester now stars on TrailTale

Chester is one of the most remarkable cities in Britain. Its most famous features are the walls with their towers and the Rows. But don’t forget to check out the Roman relics, a castle, a lovely school, two bridges and a short-legged statue. The first trail depicting the south part of the old city is now on, and the second one will be available shortly.

A new trail for Aylesbury

Aylesbury, the county town of Buckinghamshire since 1725, has traces of settlement since over 2500 years. The old town is charming and full of lovely old relics. Check out the Grammar School, St Oysth, David Bowie and some parallel lines.

A new trail for Grantham, the town of Margaret Thatcher

Grantham is a lovely market town which once was one of the richest in England. Check out the second tallest spire church, several almshouses, ancient Inns, a conduit and bees on a tree

Two new trails for London – Shoreditch and Rotherhithe

Shoreditch is one of the fastest transforming areas in London. Its vast history of theatres, religion, and industry is now giving way to the growing number of wall paintings, making it one of the best places in England and Europe to walk and witness this vast gallery of artworks.

New trails for Annan, Gretna and Eastriggs – Dumfries and Galloway

Annan is a lovely market town which is steeped in history. The town’s position on the River Annan made it a strategic place for Romans, Scotland and England. Check out a motte and Bailey, a Brute statue, an academy, a Mausoleum, and a post office.