Trail Tale

Town Centre Regeneration – TrailTale’s case study

An exciting initiative of TrailTale has been to collaborate with different Councils across Great Britain, to create exciting digital routes accessible by phone for both residents and tourists, to explore the local heritage and beautiful countryside, while also promoting local businesses on the high street to entice shoppers after the Covid-19 lockdowns. One of TrailTale’s […]

Huntingdonshire towns are now featuring on TrailTale

Huntingdonshire - StIves Bridge

Back in November 2020, Huntingdonshire Council contracted TrailTale to produce town routes for the towns in the district. Last week the first seven routes were published, featuring the district’s interesting history and heritage. Included in the release are: Huntingdon – the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell, and the town is steeped with his memory. It also […]

My city of the Week – Exeter

City: Exeter County: Devon If you are heading towards Cornwall on your summer holiday, I would highly recommend a stop in Exeter. Once labelled as ‘The Jewel of the West’, Exeter is a beautiful city influenced by a rich history dating back to the Romans. Today only the Roman Wall on Southernhay remains to mark […]