Trail Tale

Chipping Campden

Town: Chipping Campden

County: Gloucestershire

I would highly recommend visiting the Cotswolds in south England. There you will find the scenic town of Chipping Campden. It is probably the most scenic place in the Cotswolds, whether you are just passing by, or you are visiting the Cotswolds for several days, this place is not to be missed.

Campden house, a place with a truly tragic story, marked by the ruins stands between the remaining banqueting houses. Built in the 1600s, the house was destroyed 40 years later during the civil war. Today you can only imagine how magnificent the main house was, just looking at the splendour of the gates. You can see this impressive site by standing next to the almshouses.

My favourite part of Chipping Campden is the stunning almshouses, hard to miss next to the Campden House wall. Thought to be one of the most impressive almshouses in the country, the almshouses in Chipping Campden housed the poor and elderly of the area and still do so today. Look out for the water tap that once provided clean water for the residents.

On a lighter note, the predecessor to the car wash (the cart wash) in Chipping Campden stands unassumingly next to the almshouses. Recently it has been restored to its magnificent 19th century structure to mark the unique history of this beautiful town. Used to clean the wheels of carts, the stone-cobbled path is a beloved part of the town.

One cannot forget the market hall of the town, an impressive structure that has been beautifully maintained to stand proudly in the town centre. Surrounding the market hall are many gorgeous 15th century houses that are also worth seeing. Stroll down the High Street to check these out, and don’t miss the magnificent Grevel’s House on the northeastern side of the Street.

Chipping Campden is a must-see spot in the Cotswolds, the combination of history and magnificent architecture makes it one of my favourite towns in the country.

Chipping Campden Market Hall
Chipping Campden Almonry
Chipping Campden Old Campden House Gate

Chipping Campden