Trail Tale


Town: Ledbury

County: Herefordshire

A small gem in the heart of Herefordshire is the quaint town of Ledbury. If you have a chance to visit Ledbury, you will see magnificent sites that are unique to this town!

Hellens Manor, the astonishing 13th century manor house is hard to miss coming from the south of the town. Hiding centuries of history, Hellens Manor once housed the young Queen Victoria. A fantastic place to visit when open during the summer, Hellens Manor is not to be missed!

Some of the oldest buildings in town are in Church Lane. A stroll along the lane will allow you to discover some of the marvellous timber houses of Ledbury. The grammar school is particularly beautiful, not a bad place to get an education! The most astonishing place to visit in my opinion is the Town Council Offices, where the most beautiful wall paintings were discovered in 1988. Wonderfully admissions are free, so do not miss out on these spectacular paintings.

St Katherine’s Hospital and the almshouses are other spectacular places to visit in town. These beautiful structures along the high street provided necessary services for those who needed it in Ledbury. Look out for the Master’s House, and the Old Barn, both are my wonderful sites in Ledbury.

You will surely not miss the unique piece of architecture that is the Town Market Hall, housing the town’s market since the 17th century!

Even the smallest places can hide the most amazing sites, if you are nearby Ledbury will not disappoint you! And if you want to venture further, Ledbury is a great place to park your car and take a hike in the countryside.

Church Lane
Ledbury St Katherine Hospital